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Antoinette Weil

Contributing News Writer for EDGE Media Network (
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A Tale of Two States: The Northeast’s Final Marriage Frontier

Only two states in the Northeast have yet to legalize same-sex marriage. New Jersey and Pennsylvania remain battlegrounds for the hot-button topic of same-sex marriage and have been receiving media attention for court cases and controversies.
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Getting in on the Gay: Sports Marketing to LGBTs

While several well known companies have used out celebrities as spokespeople to represent their brand, it’s only recently that sports businesses have reached out to the LGBT community.
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Nation Poised for SCOTUS DOMA/Prop 8 Hearings

Across the nation, supporters of marriage equality are gathering for rallies, vigils and prayer services in anticipation of the Supreme Court DOMA and Prop 8 hearings.
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Western Mass. Lesbian Murder Trial Raises Awareness of Domestic Violence

The first domestic violence-related homicide trial of a Western Massachusetts lesbian who killed her wife is piquing media interest, not just because it features a female murderer, but also because of the lack of knowledge of domestic violence among gays.
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Review of Cosmopolis: The Movie

A review of Don DeLillo's Cosmopolis, one of the nominees in Literary Traveler's first annual Literary "Fauxscar" Awards.
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Add A Little Gray To Your Rainbow with Boston’s LGBT Aging Project

With its focus on hard bodies and hot sex, the gay community can sweep LGBT seniors under the rug. Boston’s LGBT Aging Project helps seniors get the support and social outlet they need to remain a visible part of the community.
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Boston Lights the Prudential Center Red for WAD

In addition to health fairs, HIV testing and art exhibits, Boston will light the Prudential Center red for World AIDS Day.
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A Review of Best Picture Nominee, Amour

If the emotional response evoked by a film is any measure of greatness, then Amour wins. After seeing the film, I cried most of the car ride home from the theatre, and then once in the bathroom when I got home. My eyes are welling up right now thinking about it. I am so incredibly sad. I was thinking, with the title being Amour , that I might see more of a traditional love story, albeit a senior citizen love story.
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Exploring the Origins of the Charleston

My recent trip to Charleston, South Carolina was incredible. I have wanted to visit the city for years and I was delighted to partake in historical tours, hearing tales of the American Revolution and the Civil War, leisurely strolls and an abundance of delectable food and drink. The week-long getaway was exactly what the doctor ordered to cure the stresses, anxieties, and routine of day-to-day life.
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Antoinette Weil

I earned my BA from the University of Massachusetts concentrating in Legal Studies and Communications. I am currently living and working in the Boston area but am looking to relocate this fall.

I write for a national LGBT news and entertainment publication with a readership of 1.1 million, called EDGE Media Network.

I also work for a travel and literature company called Literary Traveler, whose core mission is examining great authors and works of literature through the places that inspired them. This is a job of many hats. I am a writer, editor, marketing coordinator, event planner, and photographer.

Outside of writing, I enjoy the beach, travel, politics, talk radio, good food, cold beer, and strong coffee.



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